AS A NEW PLAYER YOU REGISTER AND FILL OUT THE PROFILE YOU PICK THE SPONSOR LOCATION YOU WANT TO PLAY FOR. ANY FAKE PHOTOS WILL CAUSE PROFILE TO BE DELETED.To explain how this works, I am using a fake name of a player, Toni. Toni buys the downloaded game from itunes for $2.99. one time purchase. She fills out a profile for the game at which time she chose the HOOTERS LOCATION of her choice, hooters or whoever the game sponsor ends up being. She gets 100 points automatically each month. If Toni has the most ANUAL points for the sponsors store she will go to Vegas and compete in the hOOTERS snapcraps super bowl against other winners from other HOOTERS STORES, playing a live snapcraps game atHOOTERS casino. The winner of the HOOTERS SUPERBOWL OR SPONSOR super bowl will win a purse estimated at one million dollars. International players are welcome. This anual event will grow to be the game of the year each year. A PLAYERS BUYS GAME ON ITUNES AND DOWNLOADS IT FOR 2.99 OR SO  HE THEN PICKS HIS FAVORITE BUFFALO WILD WINGS OR HOOTERS OR CASINO,OR NASCAR DRIVERor favorite nfl team WHICHEVER 1 SPONSORS THE GAME, FILLS OUT HIS PROFILE. HE WILL GET AN EMAIL WITH WHICH GAME WE WILL BE PLAYING. HE GETS 100 POINTS A MONTH  OR 500 A MONTH FOR VIP PLAYERS, WHEN HE OPENS THE GAME HE SELECTS THE NUMBER OF POINTS THat each bet will be. when he hits play the game opens  a click on a button bets the number of points you selectED. you are playing against a real person not a computer. the person is called the guru. the guru has 3 NO BETchips he can slide onto ANY BUTTON AT ANYTIME.THAT BLOCKS THAT BUTTON FRON BEING BET ON THAT PLAY, HE ALSO HAS 3- X3 CHIPS AND 2 X2 CHIP AND 3 X1/2 CHIPS THERE IS ALSO AN ON/OFF BUTTON IF THE GURU HAS IT ON YOU CAN BET IF IT IS ON OFF THE TABLE IS LOCKED.YOU MAY BET ONLY ONE BET PER BUTTON YOU CAN BET EVERY BUTTON, IF YOU WANT. after the play if you won the points are added to you acct YOUR POINT TOTAL IS DISPLAYED AT THE TOP OF THE GAME.ONTHE SIDE OF THE GAME A LIST OF THE HIGH SCORERS FROM YOUR SELECTED SPONSOR IS SHOWN AND UPDATED OFTEN
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invetor/partners needed 49% open
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